Thursday, January 12, 2012

does she know?

How much I hoped for her?

Is that why she is such a jolly little soul?

Does she know how she delights each one of us?

I think she does.

Happy nearly 10 months, Naomi April.

Soon she will figure out the what her place in the birth order is all about.  This question then will be,  Does she use it for good?   or  not so much good?

Time will tell.   But for now,  we enjoy every day of this toothy,  happy grin.

year 6.

Well then.   Christmas and New Year celebrations came and went.  I didn't blog about them.

Sometimes I don't really know what the purpose of this site is anymore.   I am not saying that it doesn't serve some type of function,  I've just been re-evaluating what those purposes may be. 

When I started blogging back in 2006,  it was kind of the latest and greatest method of communication and networking.  Blogs were popping up left and right of people I knew,  people I didn't -- and everything in between.   It was before the Facebook explosion.  

Back then I blogged our happenings,  my opinions,  and sometimes my inspirations.   Honest to goodness I never thought it would turn into anything but another thing I started,  only to fizzle out a few months later.   That wasn't the case, though.    I started to enjoy recording our MiniVan existence.   I loved being able to bring thoughts and experiences out of my head and onto paper.  When April died this blog became an outlet for my thoughts and feelings while I grieved.  It was immensely helpful to let it out.  Each post I prayed God would use.   Use it to help me heal,  or perhaps open an eye or a heart to the realities of pregnancy loss.

After thinking and wondering if I should start a new blog year (year 6 of this ol' thing),  I've decided to keep the engine running on Mini-Van, Mega-Fun.   And to keep it interesting??  How about I share a little more about myself  (I know,  you are thinking... what's left to tell?)   Hopefully I can come up with something(s).

Awhile back,  a fellow blogger and Angel Mommy gave me a shout out with this:

So the way this award works is that those awarded tell 7 things about themselves that others may not know. Then pass the award on to 15  (I'm only picking 7) other bloggers that you want yourself and others to know more about! 

Seven things you may not know about me:  

1.  I have never watched any Star Wars movies.   In fact,  movies are not my bag.   
Give me a good television series though.

2.  Sometimes I wonder if I am a closeted Liberal...    

3.  I desperately want to grow up and be a "real mom"  You know,  the kind who gets up before      her kids and has done 2 loads of laundry and made supper before 7am.

4.  In my early days  (pre-Dan)  I was a smoker.   My love for him and his disgust for the smell allowed me to quit pretty much cold turkey.

5.  I intensely daydream.    Actually,  it is more of nightdream.   Most evenings before I finally fall asleep I have written the best blog posts,  mapped out our future  and solved my own and others' problems-- all in my head.    During this time I am convinced I will remember to follow through with it all the very next day,  but rarely do.     If Dan only knew the magic that's occurring  in my thoughts as he snores happily away!

6.  When it comes to oddities of the physical variety,  hello,  I'm your girl.  I have had braces two times in my life,  major jaw surgery, and had 5 wisdom teeth removed.  I also have one leg longer than the other (by a touch), but it gives me a slight limp.  I have a lisp and huge feet.    It's a wonder Dan married me ;)

7.   Things that excite me.  
being home a lot
buying inexpensive antiques
coffee & doughnuts. together.   probably the best combination ever created.
God's church!!    worship, service, community, learning, outreach.  

And now the Bloggers I would like to nominate for the "Tell Me About Yourself Award...Your Blog is GREAT" are...    ( I know these gals pretty well,  so I am looking forward to learning something new)

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