Saturday, March 01, 2014

Birthday Buddies

On this date in history 10 years ago and 38 years ago,  two mothers labored for their firstborn daughters.

In this true story, the two mothers are mother and daughter.  Have I lost you yet?

It's one of my life's greatest gifts and a fabulous fun fact that our daughter Joy was born on my 28th Birthday,  10 years ago today,  March 1.

 Last night,  instead of a hospital room where I found myself 10 years prior I looked across a hotel room where my girl was fast asleep.    For this duel birthday we took a brief girls getaway and it was so so good.   As I watched her browse the racks at the thrift store,  order a grilled cheese for supper,  find her birthday gift (a Go-Go Pillow) on clearance,  and swim with glee in the hotel pool,  I sense we are nearing the end of an era.     I feel it like a tightening in my chest,  the future.   This care-free soul will in the years to come find challenge,  disappointment,  heartache--just all the things about being a teen.

I wonder if I used the last 10 years wisely.
Have I taught by word and deed and by the Word?
Have her father and I planted the seeds that will grow into healthy self-esteem and confidence?
Will she ease into the changes that await or clumsily stumble through?
Does she know,  Does she know of God's goodness and grace?

and then I see her ways..
she leads,  she nurtures,  she's brave,  she's fiery,  she's persistent,  she's expressive,  she creates,  she thinks,  she's independent,  she questions,  she serves,  she loves.

Little pieces of her fallible parents
Large works of a great God,  and He is only just beginning.

Undoubtedly,  the next decade will pass as quickly as her first,  so milestones (like reaching Double Digits) compel me to celebrate and reflect.    Perhaps I over-think at times,  but it nearly always brings me to the same place...


Her name befits her.  

I rejoice in life today- past, present and future!