Monday, February 26, 2007

Mediocre Mothering Moments of the Month

February is drawing to a close and a busy one it has been. As a mom, sometimes I feel like I go against my better judgement when handling the day to day rituals with my kids. I often think back to my childhood, what I remember my mom doing, as a compass for child rearing today. I often think,
WWJD "what would Judy do?"

As I reflect on the month gone by a few things won't escape my mind, moments of less than perfect parenting. Unfortunately, I didn't contemplate WWJD--Judy or Jesus.

  • Not once but twice I brought Joy to the grocery store, still in her sleeper. It wasn't morning, we just didn't get her dressed that day.
  • My middle child stuck up for his older brother and stated "Mom, stop being so mean to us!"
  • In the effort to hurry my children to the car in the cold weather, I told Dewey to "run a little faster!" He then tripped and fell in the sloshy snow and was devasted. Geesh, I felt bad about that one.
  • And then there are those little fibs that we tell our children, like "oh, the snowmobile is out of gas, we can't ride it today." Or the infamous threat "do you want me to tell Daddy about how you're behaving?"
  • I think I get stuck in a rut this time of year when it comes to preparing meals for my family. As I type, what do you think my kids are having for lunch?
wait for it... the healthy and delicious treat---Ramen Noodles

I look forward to a new the month of March and some magnificent mothering. I praise God for giving me these precious lives to raise, I thank Him for renewing me daily to take care of my family and for the forgiveness I receive for the mistakes I do make.

Monday, February 19, 2007


Oh, it's soooo 1992.

Can anyone name the lucky young fellas
who took these lovelies to their first prom??
Sorry, Laurie :)

MiniMe Mom was recalling college stories on her blog the other day. Since some of my college type memories are not suitable for the entire blogosphere, I thought I would post a happy little photo of two friends and enjoying what high school had to offer.
D, we rocked the crown plaza that night. No hair was curlier, No skin was tanner, and we were only freshies! Good times.

Yes, I just might be running out of material to blog about. Stay tuned.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Have I really been blogging for a whole year? I've been feeling a year old so I just checked my first post to find out.

I think Mini-Van Mega-Fun has taken on a life of it's own. In the last year this blog has seen soapboxes, family vacations, the births of a slew of baby girls, new friendships created and old ones maintained, spin off blogs i.e. (Footin blog), new coffee habits, changing hair-dos, confessions, and even a little whining now and again. It all added up to an interesting year of God's blessings and feeling His faithful presence in our lives.

Now, quit reading my blog and go out there and start your own!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting

Today is the day. Happy "Double Nickels" Birthday to Dad H.!!

For as long as I can remember, Dad's birthday was a big event. He looks forward to it for months to come. As I reflect on that, and the fact that my parents are not exactly spring chickens, I am ever thankful for their lives of love, and example they are. On days such as these I fondly remember the fun times growing up. I also let my mind wander to a time where I was rather self-involved and probably did not realize the sacrifices and the prayers of my father on my behalf. Dad, I thank you for them, I am who I am because of your consistent love, direction, and support.

A few winter themed memories to share.

  • Back in the day, where we lived in Allegan county, winter snow was dominate. One day, when the drifts were double my size, Dad made for us a tunnel/slide through the snow bank that he himself could slide through.
  • I won't forget the time driving home from church where Dad pulled over and let me drive the last mile home, how he must have laughed when I drove using both feet.
  • During the years when I claimed I hadn't a dime to my name, Dad paid for my parking in a downtown ramp. 40 bucks.
  • How many of my boyfriends did you have to pull out of your garden, after they got stuck in the snow?
  • Watching the Detroit Pistons circa 1989. I kept the stats in my sprial notebook.
  • You watching two different sports programs simutaneously with your own homemade "Picture in Picture" that is, one small TV on top of the larger console TV. So silly.
  • Supporting me in my short lived high school sports career. Still not a month goes by without mention of my ill-fated break away lay-up. Now we can laugh about it.
  • Papas in Pajamas.
Today we celebrate raise our Yellow Cake with Chocolate Frosting to you!
Happy Birthday Dad!

Friday, February 09, 2007

music--for Tami--Bon Jovi.

Winter. It's a Good Thing.

I'm trying really hard to refrain from complaining about the sub-zero temperatures we've been experiencing this month. It hasn't been easy considering I've been dreading this time of year ever since the first leaf turned and fell from it's tree last Fall. (Remember all you autumn lovers how it was your "favorite time of the year"? Well, this is what follows Fall--this...this freezing, cold, slippery, inside your nose burning weather that has no end in sight.

Oops, suddenly I'm complaining/whining. How did that happen?

My goal for this post is to give winter in the midwest a better name, list some positive attributes--one last plug to convince the T & A to move on back !

  • Winter means no yard work--weeding, mowing, and the like.
  • Winter offers the chance of SNOW DAYS--no school
  • Winter keeps me off the snowy roads resulting in less shopping and more money saved?? (that one is debatable)
  • Winter snow covers the dirty browness that covers the landscape, making it bright, white, and clean.
  • Winter clearance sales. Stock up on clothes for next year at rock bottom prices!
  • Winter gives our skin a time to rest from the damaging rays of the summer sun.
  • Winter means much more down time for Dan at work. He is home for supper almost every night!!!!! and available to take the kids outside for countless snowmobile rides in a circle around the house.
  • Winter Birthdays. In the month of February and March we have 13 in just our immediate family! That is so much birthday cake.
  • The anticipation of Spring. Once we reach March, it's just around the corner.
So here is my list, the mental exercise that it was. If you know of any winter benefits, do tell. We need all the encouragement we can get.

"As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease." Genesis 8:22

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Confessions of a Stay at Home Mom.

I was tagged by MVH to blog about the crazy little quirks of the stay at home mother, particularly my crazy little quirks.

Here goes...
  • When I walk around at home I always have my head down. I'm looking at the floor to see how much crumbs and junk are down there.
  • On a completely stay-at-home day (which I love) I do not wear make-up until just before my husband gets home--then I run to the bathroom to put on my face and do my hair--he doesn't really care that much how I look, but it's genetic, my mother used to do the same thing! probably still does.
  • I don't wear a watch but have 17 clock type devices in my house.
  • I rarely clean my showers. yes, I know its pretty disgusting, but so is cleaning them.
  • I'm a sniffer. (not a huffer, come on now) I smell everything (food, underwear, furniture) to determine if it's rank, it reeks, or rots. Most things reek around here.
  • My kids watch Spongebob Squarepants and run around in their underwear on any given day.
  • Finally, I don't exercise, I screen phone calls , and I can and will eat an entire frozen pizza if the spirit moves me.
There. Tina, Jamie, you're up!

Friday, February 02, 2007

'80s week.

A few weeks back my brother-in-law, a teenager, was singing a song from the 1980s. He has taking a liking to all music from the decade, and he was born in 1992. I especially dig music from the 1970s the decade in which I was born. So with inspiration from Dana's latest post and just for fun...

Name that '80s tune!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Well, I'm fresh out of ideas.

Our home is over 5 years old and I think it looks 10 years old. Dinged up baseboards, chunks out of walls, and our furniture has seen much better days. As much as I try to be a good housekeeper, my children seem to instinctively destroy everything they touch. Mother says to wait until the kids are older and then do some fixin' up, but I have the itch to paint, rip out something, or buy a king size bed.

Obstacle#1--not a lot of extra dough right now.
Obstacle # 2--not a lot of extra energy right now.
Obstacle #3--not a lot of extra time right now.

Really, will these things ever change? I'm looking for some advice or color ideas and maybe someone who likes to paint...just for the fun of it (free). I used to get Stacey to do this type of home improvement with (or for) me, but she is otherwise occupied.