Friday, February 15, 2008

Winter can be FUN!

A few photos for grandparents, cousins, aunts who are far (south africa) and near (across the driveway)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

2 years of Blogging Excellence!

I just noticed that my first Blog post was 2 years ago today.  That is all. 
Just an observation.
where o' where has the time gone?

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

10 weeks to go!

or 70 days, whichever seems longer.

I just looked at the little ticker on this blog and there is was in black and white. 30 weeks have passed, 10 (ish) to go! Um, that can't be right. Since it took me 20 weeks to fully realize I was pregnant, I feel like this thing should drag out a little longer so I can mentally, emotionally, financially, and so forth prepare for this new arrival.

At this rate, I am going to be one of those unsuspecting ladies that gives birth on the toilet or wakes up and realizes a baby is in my pants!

Time for me to wake up and smell the poopy diaper, don't ya think?

For the sake of my own memory keeping, I would like to document things I relish about pregnancy but also things I will be glad to retire when it is all done.

  • peeing in my pants when I sneeze, tmi?
  • well meaning folks asking if I am due any day since I am so large and in charge.
  • tipping over when trying to don my socks each morning.
  • stretch marks and square back
  • MOOD SWINGS and my constant urge to nit pick everything . Dan has felt the brunt of this one. Don't even ask him about the how many minutes are proper to warm up the van on a cold day or how I demand dishwasher loading perfection. Honestly, someone needs to duct tape my mouth closed.
  • Maternity clothes. Not cute, not flattering, and worn so often, sometimes not clean.
  • feeling the baby move in response to the kids talking to her
  • laughing at a frustrated Dan every time he tries to feel the baby kick and she completely stops...until he walks away...then she happily kicks away again.
  • breakfast at 6:30 and 10:00am
  • sharing pregnancy with friends and family who are also expecting
  • sleeping through the night without interruption (most of the time)
  • having the kids bring me the phone, pick crap up off the floor, etc. because I think I'm getting too big to accomplish such lofty tasks.
  • day-dreaming about what kind of unique child God has already planned for her to be, and how she will fit into our family.
  • the simplicity of having the baby inside. All of her needs for being met, no crying, screaming, fussy times.