Thursday, July 19, 2012

5k follow-up

It was probably the first thing I set my mind to in a LONG time that I actually accomplished.
I have a ridiculous ability to talk myself out of doing things,  and exercise was always one of them.
if you wish,  read the back story on this idea.  here.

Training for a 5k was so far out of my comfort zone that Dan and I chuckled a lot in back in March when I started.   I would rather unwillingly drudge to the basement and set the treadmill to a rip roaring 4mph.

As March turned to April and then May I had improved my attitude by leaps and bounds and along with that came this curious actual desire to lace up and jog.    A group of my wonderful gal pals and I were committed to running a local 5k,  and it was drawing nearer and nearer.

I would have to say one of the funniest things about this journey was while Dan and I were on our anniversary cruise (more on that later).  We had such an extreme amount of free time on our hands that we went to the ship's gym and ran on the treadmills.   I am not sure I can accurately describe how obsurd this is for ol' Dan and Chelle.   Any other vacation you'll likely find Dan camped out at the ice cream machine or midnight buffet and me at ... well,  the swim up bar or ordering room service.   So,  you see,  the ship's gym was unchartered territory.    With the 5k looming I had to knock off a couple runs on vacay as to not fall too far behind.

All of a sudden it was race day.   I was more nervous about Dan's abilities that day since he hadn't trained  a lick.   I figured I would be good to go.
What followed was a butt kicking.  His kicking mine- in regard to finishing times.

But that's OK.  I took great delight in experiencing something completely new.   There was SO much I learned in that race.  Things to do differently,  ways to push myself harder,  and ultimately the sense of accomplishment of a personal goal.

i could not have done this without the encouragement from so many and I honestly thank them for it!

laugh. out. loud.

they also kicked my butt :)  Way to get out there and run,  Dykstras!

I do look forward to the next 5k.   I really, Really need to shave a few minutes off my time!
In the mean time,  you might see me running down the street solving the world's problems in my head and (finally) enjoying every step!

a helpful quote I came across today...  quite encouraging because oh, my.  I experienced both!

"Relish the bad training runs.  Without them it's difficult to recognize, much less appreciate the good ones"  
--Pat Teske

Sunday, July 15, 2012


I wanted to do this 2 months ago, but you know how it is...  life gets in the way.

So,  15 years and 2 months into our marriage we celebrate 
with this slideshow of photos... through the years,  
and a wedding prayer.

Every step we are breathing in Your grace
Evermore we’ll be breathing out Your praise.
You are faithful, God, You are faithful.
--- Matt Redman Never Once 

Father in heaven,
        give today your blessing
        upon the marriage of Dan and Michelle.
      We thank you for the vows
        they have spoken
        and the love in which
        they are now united.
      Keep them faithful and strong
        in every trial.
      Sustain their joy and affection
        for many years.
      We pray, Lord Jesus,
        that you will be acknowledged
        head of their home
        and master of their lives.
      Equip them, Holy Spirit,
          with patient endurance,
      sacrificial service, unfailing courtesy,
        endless trust, and lasting love.
      Grant that their home
        will often be a place of laughter;
        and in times of difficulty or trouble,
        a haven of healing and forgiveness.
      May they and their children
        give constant praise to you,
        eternal Father, who with the Son and the Spirit
        is God, blessed and exalted forever. Amen.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Spring into Summer!

annnnd.... exhale.

Summer is here.   Since my last post was Mother's Day and Father's Day is long gone...let's play catch up.

This poor blog has been largely ignored in the last while.
I jumped into May ---held my breath and let it out when the kids finished school.

I'd like to point out (for the memory books) that my kids had an extra long Last Day O' School since I forgot what time dismissal was and the poor souls waited 20 minutes for this lady to mozy in with the minivan.    

They survived,  but I was bummed.
I love that last day of school scene.  Papers from somewhere mid year swirling around the halls,  overflowing dumpsters and (dare I hope) recycle bins where all the year's hard work is laid to rest.  I love the jubilant faces of the students  as they slug that dirty backpack and smelly lunchbox over their shoulder one last time.  

I see relief on the face of teachers that they survived or thrived another year.   What is theirs for the taking is now respite,  refreshment and renewal.  ( for about 80 days )  But don't get me started on that.  'TIS TOO SHORT.

But,  I missed it.  Too late for pickup and 2 of my kids found other rides home.  My eldest child waited patiently at the flagpole as I cruised into the drop off spot.   My son who had just completed 6th grade,  hopped in the van and shook his head with knowing.   He knew I was late,  he knew I was clueless,  and he smiled anyway.   Boy,  did I grab hold of that.   I don't know if that kind of grace comes regularly as a 6th grader turns 7th grader and beyond.

Insert Last Day Pic here:

Well,  with the another Last Day and its story in the books I thought the easiest way to bring this bliggity blog up to speed is a photo dump.  (thanks for new term, Jamie!)

And now,  my lame attempt to record the doings from 2012 second quarter...

 Naomi delights.   She is now nearing 16 months and still refuses to walk...
or hold a sippy cup...
It's no big secret why :)  Let's just day she likes to be pampered.

 My search ended for the perfect dresser!  Finally, a real home for our unmentionables!
 Find the seller and professional painter :

 A trip with Drew to the Michigan Historical Museum.  Love Rosie the Riveter.  Reminded me of this post over on Little Things.  The resemblance is uncanny!

 The 4th Grade Wax Museum.   Drew, as Wilbur Wright of the Wright Brothers.
Yes,  I was constructing that plane into the wee hours of the night...
the night before. 
It's how we do.

Over the last 3 summers I have really,  really taken an interest in gardening.   This beauty was a sad, spent, little clearance plant last year for one dollar.   I had to wait a year, but it was worth it.  

Second grade brings a day in the life of a pioneer girl.   Joy was so excited to go to the one room school house and experience life as it once was.   Real life Little House on the Prairie!

That wrapped up the school year.

Little did I know I needed to take another huge breath and hold it until after the 4th of July,  when things would once again calm.

Happy Summer!
More catch ups coming soon.