Tuesday, December 30, 2008

360 shopping days 'til Christmas!

Drew, a Christmas fanantic, asked me in complete seriousness,

" Mom, how many days until the next Christmas?"

2009 may be a looooong year for this kid.

for some reason, I never published this one.

I came across this unpublished post from back in November, and it gave me a chuckle.

"ya think I got time to blog?" (original title)

that is what I said out loud to myself (poor grammar and midwest accent included) the other day when the thoughts in my head told me that I don't blog very often anymore. Apparently I don't even have time to stock the refrigerator.

True as this might be, I do want to continue with the memory recording this blog allows me. As of late, 5 out of the 6 of us had the stomach flu. Only Juliet survived. Halloween came and went without incident. Drew's candy was gone by Sunday, Chase spread his out a little longer. Joy lost all privileges to her Halloween candy by refusing to eat a bite of my dinner creation.
and quite a creation it was with the slim pickins in the frig.

Not much has changed since that day. Our refrigerator is ridiculously bare again due to my refusal to set foot in Meijer between the dates of Thanksgiving and New Year. Drew inhaled his Christmas candy, we weathered another round of the flu, and I still "got no time ta blog"
'Tis the season to be jolly, Fa La La La La, La la la la.

Friday, December 26, 2008

fair warning.

Yesterday, in the minivan, on the way to Christmas festivities, I warned my husband and children that we would be taking a family photo in front of Grandma's tree. I told them that I realize no one wants to do this, but it is important to mommy to have a photo of all of us together. I explained to them that it would be quick and painless, if they cooperated.

Much to my delight and frankly, my surprise, it happened. The obligatory family Christmas photo. No fighting, no bawling, no fake smiles (Dan) and even Juliet without her pacifer!
A modern day Christmas miracle!

May all Jesus is,
And all He gives,
Bless you this Christmas and always!

Friday, December 19, 2008

the Power of a Moment.

It was a couple weeks ago that Dan, the kids and I went out to visit them. Grandpa & Betty Hopkins. As they now stay in MI for the winter, we can swing by and see them anytime.
But, do we? Sadly, no.
We, or I should say I, get caught up in my own busy day-to-day that I probably only see Grandpa 4 or 5 times a year.

This year as we decorated the family Christmas tree, I pulled out the two ornaments hand crafted by Grandpa Hopkins and given to me, my siblings and cousins long, long ago. When I saw these little sled ornaments I felt a sudden burst of emotion. You know the kind that starts in your chest and moves on up and results in tear filled eyes. My Grandpa loved (loves) me so much! I remember fondly, growing up and partaking of the goodness Grandpa and Grandma provided. Be it in the form of the Cottage, Easter Egg hunts, Christmas parties (adults up stairs, kids in the basement), or that piece of candy, a hug, and for as long as I can remember... birthday and Christmas cards with a little $$ tucked inside. (sorry, Tami) ;)

Pure love, pure generosity, pure influence.

As we visited and I saw Grandpa & Betty hold my youngest child endearingly. I realized anew that I am who I am to some extent by the wisdom and provision of this man.
Thanks be to God for his life!

Merry Christmas, Grandpa!

Chelle Ponders...

am I really that out of shape that my legs and arms need to hurt 3 days after the school roller skating par-tay?

predictable "start exercising" New Year's resolution coming soon.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chelle Ponders...

Why, in the stillness of a Tuesday morning, did I hear the sound of water gushing out of the garden hose? Why were we watering the snow, and for how long?

I'm afraid the answers to these and many other questions will never be known.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

my 4th baby.

It's true what they say you know. That your last child has only a small fraction of the photos taken of her than that your first child. That she will only have a few sketchy details filled in her baby book--usually written far after the event takes place. (hmmm...when did Juliet first roll over?? let's say around 4 months. that sounds about right)

When I heard seasoned mothers warn me of this injustice, I thought that they were just unmotivated. Surely I would devote as much attention to documenting the major events of my precious baby's first year and beyond.


I now stare at a sealed pink baby book, flawless with no inscription. I remember driving the minivan around town h-bent on finding a baby book for Juliet. Nine months pregnant I had an insane need to buy a pink baby book and I pack it in my hospital bag. The book had a front row seat to the labor, delivery and even got to ride in the front seat home from the hospital, only to be placed in the closet never to be opened again in the next 7 months.

Isn't that a sad story? How did I let 7 months, almost 8 pass without chronicling the beautiful blessing that is Juliet? She is the star of the house, and could not be more precious if she tried!
Today I will close the MacBook (shocking, I know) and open the Baby Book. I will search the files in my mind and recall what life has been like since her arrival. Before I do that I'll share a little slideshow of her and the rest of the gang.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Chelle Ponders......

why am I the only good driver on the roads anymore??

Today we experienced the first snow day, slippery roads , and the official beginning of the unwelcome midwest winter.