Friday, October 31, 2008

the 6 Dollar Doughnut,

and other tales from our weekend in Shipshewana, Indiana.

Our children are at fun age. An age of innocence, with the full enjoyment of all things kid. So when I saw an ad on TV for Splash Universe, I talked Dan into going there on a family getaway.

My first goal was to earn enough money at the garage sale to finance the trip. Goal not met.

My second goal was to arrive last Thursday as soon as the water park opened as to squeeze every last penny's worth out of our one night stay. Goal not met.

My third goal was to page through Real Simple, People, and the Banner magazines (you like that combo?) that I brought along. By now you may have guessed, Fail.

It all started last Thursday morning with the tell tale scream.
"Mom! Chase just barfed on my bed and the floor" says Drew.
What a sinking feeling for me when I hear these words. The stomach flu tends to have the domino effect in our household. My mind went to a very dark place in that instant. Visions of the 6 of us in a hotel room fighting for the toilet, dealing with the flu in unison. Canceling our trip was not an option as we were due to check in that day. I hugged Chase telling him, he will only puke once and maybe he just ate something that didn't settle well. Both items aforementioned became untrue as the day lingered on.

To shorten the story a bit (only a bit). We arrived in the town of Amish and Flea Markets well into the evening. The moment we opened the door to the room Chase (with hand covering mouth) hit the bathroom, Joy began running around in circles holding on for dear life so she wouldn't pee on the floor. Juliet was screaming for her next meal and Drew was just plain ol' bouncing of the walls in his swimsuit. Dan had went down to the van to get our belongings and I had a very real fear that he just might join the Amish for the night, or forever.

Thanks be to God, Chase was the only one that got sick that weekend. We had to book an extra night so he could enjoy the water adventure while healthy. Dan decided not to join the Amish folk. Poor guy. Not only had he been working since 2am the morning before, he had to pay 6 dollars for Chase's breakfast buffet of which he barely ate a doughnut. All this on one pair of underwear! Please forgive me Danno!

Friday, October 17, 2008

quotable quotes this week.

Joy: "I smelled inside Juliet's mouth and it smells like babies in there!"

Drew: " awwww, Mom you always fart in the morning, ever since I was in Kindergarten."

"What a rip off!" Chase exclaimed when he discovered an empty envelope which was supposed to contain school pictures.

I can only imagine what Juliet will say when she begins to talk.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

where have all the bloggers gone?

Most of the blogs that I follow, including my own, have nary a post lately.
Are we just too busy? or perhaps we are filling our nosy needs through Facebook ?


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

yearbook photos thru the ages

Thanks to the Church Lady's husband I was insanely drawn to this website, and just for funsies I gave it a try.

YearBook Yourself

what you are about to see is what I may have looked like.
**warning** it is not for the squeamish, you may not wish to proceed...

1994-- I was in my prime

1984--Lookin' gnarlly!

1974-- I look like my Aunt Diane Devo.

1964--the best housewife around!

1954--nerd alert!

Now this one from 1952 just weirds me out.
I look like some kind of female version of my Dad!

Try it for yourself!