Friday, January 09, 2009

i miss daddy.

mommy's too busy, i have to self-feed.

tonight we anxiously welcome daddy home from working out of state all week!!

good eats.

"why do you people have to eat?!?!?!?!"
a grumbled rhetorical question directed towards my family who
were not even in the room to hear me.

I make food, they eat it, I clean it up. This happens numerous times a day, each day, no matter what.

A good 75 percent of the messes I clean are from food prep, food consumption, and food spills. One day in the middle of it all I realized if they didn't have to eat, my existence would be so simple. My home would be near spotless and never smell like bacon or onions again. I would have to say that in 12 years I have never grown accustomed to having to feed their faces.
I don't love (read--hate) meal planning, grocery getting, cooking or baking, and in my opinion -- I am rather poor at the whole process. The simple admission of this makes me sound quite unsuited for my life, but this is the truth. If given the choice of a personal chef or a maid, without hesitation I would choose a CHEF.

I would love some tips from other mammas out there that either feel the same as me, or feel exactly the opposite. What I am looking for here is to find more than a sense of duty , but more fufillment and dare I say enjoyment in meal creation for my family.

please advise. there must be more to life than cream of chicken soup...?