Tuesday, February 03, 2009

always late, but worth the wait?

Believe it or not I am disappointed in myself about my lack of blogging. It is after all, my main memory keeping method. I did not highlight the holidays, nary a New Year's nicety. Much has occurred in the last couple months. Let's bring the blog up to speed through a photo journey.

Christmas 2008 --A wonderfully special moment as my Dad read the story of Christ's birth from the same book he to read my siblings and I many Christmases ago.

The Hopkins Family is GIRL POWER!

Dan's gift from his loving wife. Only 10 years late.

Juliet (now almost 10 months old)

The Dieleman/Wierenga Family, all 26 of us.

A special gift from Mom D. this year-- A cookbook she compiled from our family favorites, and beautiful aprons that she handmade.

From Christmas & 2009
The kids received Blades for Christmas ... Rollerskating, and more rollerskating

As far as new things go, I recently became employed, and I use this term loosely because I am enjoying myself too much while working. I do a bit of daycare for my friend on Mondays. Below is a pic of the little girls in action. Basically they like to steal the pacifier out of each other's mouths all the day long.

I also have been slaving away at MiniMe BabyGear I have been helping process the exclusive, must have Wet Happened? Wet Bag
Check it Out!
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My baby and I. She is entirely too old now.

This guy.
He surprised me with a trip to NYC!!!!! I am going this month and could not be more thankful and excited! He heard the unspoken (and sometimes spoken) pleas of a housewife/momma looking for some respite.

Until next post, enjoy this photo of my gals and a giant Care Bear.