Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Mini-Van Mega-Fun -- now Low in Carbohydrate.

22 cans of diet soda a day and all the sugar free jello that money can buy.

Oh, the delicious-ness of it all.

This post is contains long overdue props to my husband for the incredible changes he has made to his diet and lifestyle!! Recently diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, Dan and I took a crash course in all things Carbohydrate. Veggies are in, Dinner Rolls are out. Fruit in moderation, doughnuts--let's face it-- those things serve no nutritional purpose for anyone. Portion size, test strips, sugar alcohols. New terms and new practices we needed to learn and live.

If you know my husband, you know this was one of the most difficult things he has faced in his young life. He committed to the changes, he is committing to his health. I am so proud of him!

Diabetes has also brought about some new activities here on the hill. In order to keep busy, Dan and Mom D. have started a garden. We greatly anticipate the harvest it may yield!

Monday, June 22, 2009

First Day/Last Day

and 178 days in between.

First Day of School
White Hair, Tan Skin

Last Day of School
Tan Hair, White Skin

Yes, summer is rolling along quite splendidly now, but I wanted to post a photo of my sons in all their Star Wars glory.

The last day of school is magical, sad, exciting all at once. The anticipation of the ENTIRE summer break ahead of us coupled with the realization that my children are another year older.

I have not quite figured out why I really don't want them to age. I have heard more times than I can count, how a mom wants to just freeze the stage or age that their kids are at. I have to admit, I might have frozen last summer if I could have. Does anyone ever want to freeze time when their kids are in teenage years?

Congratulations to all the students, teachers, and parents on another completed school year. Happy Summer!

In a matter of 10 weeks we will start it all over again. More than likely, my boys will don the same exact shirts!