Saturday, February 28, 2015

Blue Light Special

I come by this rightly, you fondness for shopping. For clothes, for discounts.   My late Aunt Pat who I loved and miss dearly was a discount fashionista and an awesome bargain hunter.   One of her faves was the K-Mart Blue Light Special.   When my mom, us kids, Aunt Patty, & her girls went to the K-Mart it was bound to be special,  Blue Light Special.   
The announcement would carry across the fluorescent glow of the store and depending on where we were located it was either loud and clear,  or distant and faint.   Didn't matter though, all we needed to do was look up and find a path to the flashing blue light and undoubtedly we'd go home with something great at a significantly marked down price tag.

My last post was the official jumping off point (albeit 2 months in) to the 
No New Duds. 365 Lessons in Contentment challenge. 

Around January 1, I knew I would be committing to this.  But,  before the famine I had to (thought I had to) sneak in one last feast.  I suggested to my kids that we should go to Target and they could use their Christmas gift cards to find some post holiday bargains.  While they were there scouring the toys and electronics, I was drawn as if by magnetic force to the colorful, brightly orange stickered women's clothing clearance!   I picked through the racks with anticipation.  I was confident I would leave there with some trendy delight for a cool 30-50 percent off.   My own Orange Sticker Special!

I found a dress and two cardigan sweaters that day.  Sweetening the deal was an extra 5 percent off if I used my Target RedCard.   I did.

My eldest son was with me that trip and I told him,  before he had the chance to ask...
"I am starting the no new clothes thing on Monday, January 5 when you go back to school.  That's when Christmas break is done,  that's when real life resumes".  
Could he smell the rationalization?   He did.  

As you can see,  I was a bit squirrelly at first,  I hope to get stronger.
One of the biggest reasons I have ended up with excess clothing is because me, myself and I (not my mom or my beloved Aunt) have bought into the idea that if it's a "good deal" or a "sale price" I then have full license to purchase it.  Even if I don't truly need it,  even if I have something similar but in a slightly different hue, even if I don't have the cash on hand.   
It feels better and more successful going home with something, than without. 

It's a mindset I'll need to crack open as this challenge takes shape.  

I look back on those days at K-Mart in the1980s as warm memories.   Not because of the stuff we purchased, because I cannot remember a single item,  but because of the time spent together.   Shopping can be about that too.   But, that's a post for a different day.

Good night!


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natalie said...

Gah! Those little orange stickers! Keep it up, you inspired me to clean out my closet :) We may need to go "not shopping" together in the future.