Friday, April 03, 2015

Life Lessons From First Grade

A couple of Fridays back my tender-hearted second born daughter had a meltdown.   A Friday morning-pressure-cooker-getting-ready-for-school-in-a-cramped-bathroom-end-of-the-week-fatigued-meltdown.

This sweetie was made for school.  Loves it.  Can't wait to get there.  So, when at 7:25am I heard her wail,  I knew something wasn't right.   I (wrongly) assumed her older sister was pestering her.   I shrugged,  poured my black coffee into my initialed mug,  placed it on the counter and went to investigate the issue.

When I entered the bathroom I learned the bawling was due to the frustration she felt about a 2-layered shirt she just couldn't figure out how to don correctly.    

Why all of this drama over a shirt?
She had picked out her own clothes this day and per usual when she does so, she chooses this shirt.  It's her favorite.   I wondered, "Does is even matter what a first grader wears to school?"   "FOR THE LOVE,  just choose from the plethora of tops you have!  Any one will do!  We can't miss the bus!!!!"

During this year long challenge,  I've thought a lot about my particular attachment to clothing.   Like any good introspector,  I've dialed it back.
Way back.

In First Grade I desired Lee Jeans.
Pin Striped Lee Jeans.
With a leather patch.

I don't remember when, or how or why, but I obtained them.   Thanks, Mom!

I was proud as a peacock the day I wore them to school and helped my teacher rearrange the bulletin board.  I needed to stand on a chair to reach the top and thankfully my green shirt was tucked in so everyone could see the leather "Lee" patch.

Did I just say thankfully?  Yeah, this clothing thing runs deep.

As the years went by it was one thing or another.  Reebok shoes,  stirrup pants, silk shirts, Guess jeans,  Polo shirts, Tight Rolled Levi's Silvertab Jeans, Abercrombie & Fitch oversized anything.  In adulthood my brand attraction continued --Gap, Express, J.Crew, Banana Republic, Free People, The North Face.   Something changed though.  When I was younger I wanted to wear what everyone else was wearing.   As I aged,  I desired uniqueness.  Bring me to a boutique where everything is nearly one of a kind and I am a happy gal.

Back to my unhappy gal.   That Friday morning,  I was annoyed and tired but needed to meet her where she was at.  I assisted her with the shirt and out the door they skee-daddled just in time for the bus.   I was left thinking that I was really not that different than a First Grader.
I may not have difficulty with the literal task of dressing,  but what kind of scene do I create when I am getting ready to go to church, or a night out,  or even just figuring out what activewear to choose for a run?

Well, I'll tell you.   At times,  it's a mess.   A pile of cast-offs that make me look pale, or heavy, or old, or (GASP) boring!  I may not be crying about it like my little one was, but if I what I wear has to be just right... just the right brand, or style or whatever ---What's that about?

“Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?  Matthew 6:25

I'm not here to say that wearing quality clothing that fits well and looks attractive is wrong.  Not at all.  In fact most of the brand name items I buy outlast the discount store must-haves that shrink and fade and pill.   Clothing is a necessity,  I get that.  What continues to impress upon me is how much of my identity, my branding do I find in my apparel?   When I just can't seem to get the right outfit together leaving a tornado of floral dresses in my wake, it's time for a change.

My frustrated thoughts at my daughter's clothing predicament come back to me, to teach me...

"Does is even matter what a first grader wears to school?"  
Michelle,  it really doesn't matter what you wear to Costco.

"FOR THE LOVE,  just choose from the plethora of tops you have!  Any one will do!
Michelle,  just pick a scarf, any scarf.

We can't miss the bus!!!!"
Michelle, don't miss out on the life that is truly life.

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Becki Vander Molen said...

I love this!! It really is humbling to realize the unimportance of unimportant things. Thank you for writing this and posting.