Friday, December 21, 2007

Favorite Ornaments

As my siblings will attest, as youngsters we had a little competition regarding a certain Christmas ornament on our family tree.

It was a beautiful glass (or was it plastic?) ornament that had a Nativity scene etched in of Mary, Joseph and the infant Jesus. It is transparent and in the shape of an octagon. It had to be hung strategically in front of a tree light to look it's best.

Each year it was the coveted ornament to hang on the tree. I, being the eldest would usually go to certain lengths in making sure I was the one to hang it. My best effort was the year I dug it out of the huge box of Christmas decor many weeks prior to the tree trimming. Oh Yes! You should have seen their faces.

I asked my kids to pick out their favorite ornaments from our tree and to explain why.

"I like this 'cuz I like it"
"uh, because I like the pictures"
"This ornament reminds me about Buddy"

This is my favorite on our tree. It's a cozy, little pillow ornament. I'm not sure of it's origin, Did you make it, Mom?

What's your favorite?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


The blog police are after me. Yes, it has been awhile. But what is a procrastinator like me to do when I have to wrap practically every single one of our Christmas gifts yet. Blog or wrap? Wrap or make baked goods? Balance the checkbook or go shopping? Perhaps I will just sit and relish the thought of the beautiful gift of God's own Son.
So much to do and time is shrinking.

On a different note, I think last night it really hit me that I have another baby growing inside of me. It took me 23 weeks to figure this out?? At least I noticed it before delivery day as not to be shocked. No progress on a name for this girl, suggestions are welcome, but may not be used. :)

I'll leave you with a couple cute photos of the kids from Katie DeBoer Photography

Joy does not looked thrilled to be in the middle of this Boy sandwich.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Picasso she ain't

This is what happens when a very tired daddy stays home with little girl and mommy is out for coffee.

Daddy falls asleep on the floor, little girl gets creative.

Future tattoo artist?