Thursday, November 20, 2008

Girls shopping trip '08

As posted on Lia's blog, we enjoyed another weekend getaway and did a little Christmas shopping again this year. I have been privileged to be a part of this unique, loving, interesting, challenging, blessing of a family for almost 12 years now and I love spending time with these gals. We sure missed you A, S, & B!
Someone please tell me why I insist on ruining every picture with the patented "Chelle lean-in" ???

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chelle Ponders...

Do groceries really need to be put away the same day you buy them.

Come ON!  I'm exhausted.

Chelle Ponders......

A new feature on my blog starting today.

I rarely have time to have a complete thought, much less sit down and type it out for the blogosphere.

So in the spirit of "Deep Thoughts" from old Saturday Night Live, I bring you,

Chelle Ponders.......

if you make your bed at 3:30pm...does it still count?

Fig's Fall Fun

Yes, my return to blogging features a post about my Dad's weekend, since he's probably the only one that follows this blog any more. Dan and I were commenting the other night about what an exciting weekend "the Fig" had.
First on Opening Day of hunting season, he scored this 8 point. He arrived home to his biggest fans:
Later that evening he watched his favorite driver score a championship. All while enjoying a lovely wild turkey dinner lovingly prepared by Judy.

And to top it all off, after worshiping in God's house on Sunday, Dad got to sit front and center while his favorite sports broadcaster, Jack Doles, gave a presentation at our church. He even asked him a question!

So that might not be your idea of an exciting weekend. Seeing Dad's joy in the small things made me so thankful that after so many, many years of working so hard to put us through school and build a business he has some free time now to enjoy family, friends, sports.