Tuesday, September 22, 2009

get real.

I read a number of blogs, and see many photos on Facebook.

The thing I sometimes internally chuckle about is how most of us, naturally, put our best foot forward. After all, we don't want to send out the message that things are slightly less than perfect, or that we are not having the best.life.ever. Right? perhaps I am way off here. Bear with me.

Take my blog for instance. Do I drone on and on about how I sometimes don't take a shower until noon, or how my kids sit and play the Wii when they should be doing homework? Do I mention that Dan is not in fact perfect with his LowCarb diet and sometimes I have one glass of wine too many?

Of course not. Most of my posts detail how my kids have accomplished this or that, how Dan is the poster child for Diabetes, and how I live a glamorous life full of vacations and fun. All with not a hair out of place. (for I wouldn't want to post and ugly photo of myself)

a nice top o'the mornin' photo. seriously? is that food on my face?

Perhaps to outsiders MiniVan MegaFun has it's act together.

married. Check.

christian. Check.

obligatory minivan. Check.

2.3 kids. Check. (and then some)

nice, clean house. Check? ?

Then I start to think about the things that really matter.

Self Control

Can I get a check? ? ? probably not. Not even one of the Fruits of the Spirit can I claim as checked on my list of accomplishments.

Please don't get me wrong here. I am not telling you that I am bogus, or that you are bogus. Not at all the point. I have many blessings of which only only come God. I recognize that, and I do celebrate that.
I just get distressed when we feel the need to be dressed up, cleaned up, buffed up, shiny, happy people holding hands. (remember that tune?)

Many times I have felt the urge to encourage authenticity. Among myself, family, among my friends, in our church, and now, in the blogosphere.

A blog post I read recently that does a much better job of putting my thoughts into words.

Find it here.

Please , keep the discussion going...


Katie said...

You crack me up. Anyway, you still look beautiful in that picture!

Laurie said...

I could not agree more Michelle. Being authentic is really the only way to live. Because we all have ugly pictures, t.v. watching kids, and occasionally drink one too many glasses of wine. ;)

Stay real. (Oh that sounds so cheesy!)

Mom H said...

How true it is,Chelle.We all struggle with being real at times. After all we grew up with "put your best foot forward" and our society pushes "looking good". Even in our Christian community many of us feel like we have to have it "all together". How false is that. I'm anxious to begin our CB study where I'm sure we'll find out the Truth! Thanks for writing this. That link was great too.


joan b. said...

My dear Michelle - You show many of the fruits of the Spirit, even on your not-so-great days! We all have them - I prove that on a regular basis. So, thanks for being real - I like the real you!

Laura said...

Well said, Michelle.