Thursday, November 17, 2011

what is up.

I interrupt these deep thoughts to offer up a pictorial update.   We've had a crazy packed fall season and before 2011 wraps up I'd like to bring this blog up to speed on things other than my mental gymnastics.

September=  Back to everything.   
school, out of state work,  soccer,  extra-curriculars.

 skating par-tay!

I have to admit it.  As a card carrying member of the anti-Autumn club,  this particular Fall season has been fan-tab-u-lous!    We had mild temperatures here in the Mitten all the way through well, yesterday.   We have only a couple leaf giving trees in our yard,  so the kids had a great time raking up the droppings of this special Maple that my Dad planted here 9 years ago.

 My excellent score from the second hand shop----this vintage slipper chair. 
 October 15.  Our second annual participation in the International Wave of Light. 
It was good.   I looked back on this post  to think on a year ago.
 Annual Pumpkin Decorating/Family dinner/ Birthday party

 Chase's costume scared(s) me.  
Whatever happened to Thomas the Train?

Naomi and cousin Easton. 
I have a special place in my heart for Easton's costume.   When Chase was a baby,  he was given this handmade little hunter's outfit.   I saved and saved it for someday I had hoped to give it to my brother's son.  I was so delighted to see how perfectly adorable Easton was in his Camo.  
What precious gifts these to babes are!!!!

Girls shopping trip this year took us all the way to Washington DC.   This pic is front of Betsy and Nick's new home in Takoma Park, MD.   A gorgeous weekend spent catching up, shopping and relaxing on very.little.sleep   :)   It was good for me to get away again.  I heart DC and the special loved ones that live there.
We missed you Lia & Sara !!!

That sums up some the doings this fall.  As we enter the holiday season,  I hope to blog about Mom and Dad's 40th anniversary celebration   and  the 30 Day Mom challenge... take two.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

my Lil' Homemaker.


Is this still considered a profession/occupation?

Yes.  I suppose it is.
But not a paid one,  so really nothing's changed in the last forever of housewifery.  (yes, it's a word!)

I asked Chase what he would say my job is,  if someone were to ask him.

He replied,
" Um, probably you take care of baby and clean.? "

Okay,  true enough.   He also says that I am the weirdest mom he knows,  so that proves he is honest.

True as all of that is,   he did however miss a lot of my purpose as a Wife, Mom,  and someone who hasn't seen a Medicare or Social Security deduction since the year 2000.    

The day to day, week to week of the same ol' same ol'  has been my dream. come. true.   You see,  I always wanted to be a mother and make a home.   I feel blessed to be given this opportunity in life and for the most part enjoy it very much.    That may sound strange in a society of many over  great achievers.    Would anyone dare  say that being a mom (who isn't working an outside job) doesn't contribute to the world?    Well,  of course she is,  right?    She contributes a functioning adult into society at the end of her tenure.

Allow me to stop a second for the sake if clarity.   No one has ever made me feel like a lesser contributor,  rather it is I who have allowed myself to think it.  Sometimes I think I'm not doing enough,  you know... in the real world.

In the last 11 years I have often lost sight of exactly what I am doing.  That was recently revealed to me in the moment I folded the colorful towels with my 3 year old.

I had lost the joy.

I wasn't finding a sense of accomplishment in tasks completed.   Somewhere along the line I no longer purposed to make a home.  I just kind of slogged through the week in the hopes that somehow everyone had a full tummy and clean underwear.

I needed a booster shot.   Something to (re)open my eyes to my calling and to encourage my pursuits.
When I took a look at Juliet in these photos,  my eyes are opened.

Her concentration, 
her happiness, 
the empty laundry basket.   

Recently I've renewed affection for my purpose.

Yes,  folding towels and chagning a diaper for the millioneth time
isn't glamorous.  

But, it is life.  
My life.

I have decided to start thinking about what being a homemaker,  SAHM, whatever you want to call it,  allows me. 
It allows me time to drive my kids to school,
It allows me time to commune with my dear friends.
It frees my mind to ponder,  and opens my eyes to see things I'm certain I would miss if I had a career,  simply because I know I wouldn't make the time for those things.
It allows me the ability to Blog and create this journal of our lives.
It allows me to serve and think,  and pray, and laugh.  
... and much more...

Homemaking as my profession lets me be who God created me to be.
Every little thing that I do 
(laundry most certainly included)  
is for the Glory of the One who made me.

I need to remember that fact when I'm meal planning,   bathtub scouring,   and booger wiping.

P.S.  ~~~   My thoughts expressed in this post are strictly my own and are written for the sake of record keeping and personal accountability.   It is not my intent to persuade or judge,  or force my views on anyone.  This includes my daughter(s),  who will most likely grow up to manage a career,  home and family with beautiful ease,  
and I will be so proud.