Monday, May 04, 2015

caramel colored loopholes.

I had a few moments of weakness early in this challenge.

When 2015 was brand spanking new I was dilly-dallying with the idea of not buying any new clothes for one year.  I was "trying it out" just to see if I could get 2 weeks into the new year without a clothing purchase.

I did it!

You may be sarcastically thinking,  wow! what a feat!
I know.  It's laughable.  But not easy.

During that time I was hot after a pair of caramel colored booties.
I had ordered and returned 2 pair prior to Christmas because the first one didn't fit tight enough around my ankles and the other pair smelled like moth balls.
So there I sat,  in January with a nice credit on my ModCloth account.   (Oh, how I miss you

SO, what's a girl with no caramel colored booties to do?

Find a loophole.  So...technically ... I bought the boots in December.
Make the rationalization.  I can't just let ModCloth keep my money!
Do what I want.   I ordered the booties 

And it felt right.
Until it didn't.
The boots sat in their pretty box in my closest for a week or so, as I debated if I could/should wear them. Technically speaking, they were new and purchased during the reign of Contentment 365.

It confounds me how shifty my thoughts can be! If one day I am unsure that the boots are legit, the next day I wear them because they and only they could complete my outfit.

What I am beginning to see as a bigger picture here is just how easily I loophole my way to get what I want.
Sometimes it's a mindless click of a mouse,
Other times it is a twist of thought.
Most commonly it's a manipulation of truth.

It's a changing season...  I need new shoes.
It's Spring Break... I need a new swimsuit.
I feel fugly today.  I for sure need a new floral dress.
It's finally Friday and I made it though the week.  Steer me to the nearest sale rack!

I did wear the boots a handful of times the last couple of months,  hoping no one would notice the new shoe shine and my sad little failure.

They didn't.  (Or maybe they did and were quietly kind) 

Yet my eyes have been opened if but a bit more.
And I suppose that's what this year might be about.

To identify the deliciously caramel colored loopholes in my life... and close them.

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