Monday, June 23, 2008

redneck ice cream truck

We live in a rather rural area, one that does not see the likes of a musical ice cream truck on a hot summer's day.

this is what we have:

Thanks Grandpa & Grandma for a special treat!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

virtually me.

I found this radical website that gives you a virtual hair makeover.
Try not to be afraid of these floating heads.
Any favorites?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day (observed)

Today I decided to observe Father's Day on my blog.
I was inspired by the action of my husband on Sunday evening, the actual Father's Day.

After a long day and night of celebration our boys were rather strung out.
Our goal upon arriving home was to get them in bed ASAP. Their goal was to read books and stay up. An honorable goal really, reading books as a stalling technique. Dan would have nothing to do with it. He told them in a not so nice way that it was TIME TO GOTO BED!!!

Crying, sobbing, and thrashing ensued.

The next thing I saw was my tired, annoyed, and frustrated husband laboring up the steps.
"Happy Father's Day", I thought.

A few moments passed and with his head resting on his hand, Dan realized he was too harsh (unkind) toward the boys and he didn't want them to go to sleep with all this anger on both sides.

He went back down to their room to talk with them calmly and settle things down.
"That is what makes him a good dad." I thought
"That is what make make you a good dad." I told him.

Both Dan & I had fathers that were not dictators. They were the head of the home and to be obeyed, but they also knew they were not perfect and at times needed to offer an apology or mend a broken fence. I am so thankful for the example of strength and humility that my children see in their father. It is the same example I saw in my Dad growing up.

What is it they say about girls marrying someone just like their Daddy? May that be true.

My Dad & I in 1977

My hard working and very tired husband with his little girl last week.
(i hope I don't get in trouble for posting this one) :)

Friday, June 13, 2008

summer vacation week one.

we may have run out of things to do already.

today we have resorted to taking photos of ourselves with the self timer.

we also returned pop cans to Meijer so we could buy lunch. I was thinking Steak-n-shake, the kids preferred Lunchables---ewwww!
Please, shout out some ideas to keep us occupied on week two. What do your summer activities look like?

Sunday, June 08, 2008

the iGeneration.

"We can go to" says my 4 year old daughter while riding along in the minivan and perusing a mailed advertisement for some pizza chain.

"What will you do at" I asked her.

"We can play like games." she replied.

Oh my.

What a difference just one generation makes. I am not really that old, not even middle aged, but I did not grow up with the internet and home computers. According to some information I have read, the Internet Generation started with those born around 1993. So really, Joy is at the tail end of this generation.

Not only does my 4 year old know what a dotcom is, she can click her way around a WebKinz World like nobody's business. I'm not even sure that her daddy could do as well as she.
Sorry, Danno.
I am amazed how the internet has changed the way I do day to day things. I don't posess a phone book, I just search online for a particular phone number. Don't know where my destination is when I hop in the minivan? Just print out Mapquest driving directions.
Banking and Bills? Online. News and weather? Online, no time to sit and watch the news on TV. Shopping? Once again, the ol' internet comes through for me with free shipping offers. How can I not mention blogging and Facebook? This can be a lifeline for friends and family that live far away.

I used to think I was born in the wrong generation. I foolishly thought that life was easier and simpler for those who were born a generation or two before me. I may have been wrong. I don't think that the Baby Boomers could order Pizza, pay for it, and have it delivered with only a few clicks of a mouse. No phone, cash, or car required. How ever did they survive??

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


My father-in-law found this unfortunate 10 spot last Saturday while doing the weekly yardwork. He found only this portion. Dan brought it home to show me and of course I said, it was probably mine or his. Both of us have a strong tendency to misplace items, forget things wherever we go, and if something is lost we have to tear the house apart to find it. It may be our only similarity. I just can't throw it away. I know it is useless now, but imagine what we could have done with it. If it was only a dollar I could deal with it, but 10 dollars?!

What can you buy for 10 dollars today?

Monday, June 02, 2008

176 days down, 4 to go.

Last August, I posted this

I was not loving the fact that my kids were in school, (meaning I had to stop watching TV late into the night and had to get up at 6:30am) I was newly pregnant and sick. Basically, I was counting down to the end of a school year that was only 4 days in.

So you can imagine how excited I must be that we made it through the year. Soon we will enjoy carefree, schedule free days. Doesn't it just sound ripe with bliss and possibility?

NOT! (so sorry I had to use that hideous 1990s catch phrase)

I have this sinking feeling I will wake up next Monday morning earlier than usual. Little Juliet like to arise at 5am-ish. What will follow will be my kids waking at school time because their little bodies are not yet used to sleeping in. From 7am on I will hear one bickering session after the other on who plays with what, what to watch on TV, and who is in charge---oh, is that me?

Here's the thing. I don't care about any of that. I am such a summer lover that they could fight their heads off and I will still have a silly grin on my face for the beautiful weather and the chance to spend real time with my kids during the stressless times of the day. (don't even ask me how much I loathe the hours between 4-7pm during the school year)

Completing the school year feels like a huge accomplishment for a mini-van mom like me. I hope you all find a moment or two this summer to enjoy your kids being home for in no time you will see that first Back to School sale at Target.

here are a few photos of our latest activities: